Von Dorsch

Thank you Europe, you beauty

Subproject 1 - Remote studio

Our remote studio gives us the ability to serve clients nationally, or even internationally, with no need for the client to come to us or for us to go to the client. The client can digitally tune directly into the studio, watch as things develop in the studio via a camera, maintain an audio-visual connection with the producers and directors, and thus with the entirely of the client’s commissioned production as it happens, while the live feed from the camera is shared with the client on another channel and the client is able to provide feedback directly. Just like on a real set, only fully digitalized.

To fully implement this new digital business model and become the only remote-capable studio in Schleswig-Holstein, we need additional equipment and must make our infrastructure more secure, further digitalize it and make it so readily usable that we are operational at all times.

Subproject 2 - Secure & digital remote studio

Owing to the heightened security requirements that come with the remote studio’s continuously active connections with the outside world, and to the substantially increased quantities of data that have ensued with the project’s launch, we must increase our IT security and make all of our processes more digital to ensure that the new business model remains viable in the future.

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