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Looking for a particular style or unusual narrative approach? Then have a look around. We work all over Germany with the most diverse range of film directors and authors.

Anita Jürgensen

Female filmmaker

Anita Jürgensen is a director and filmmaker with a predilection for dance and the hip-hop culture, and she is also a member of the Firebirds.

At present she is working with von Dorsch to bring her documentary film Break the System to fruition. 

Christian Mertens

Full blooded director, Lecturer & Author

Christian is a director of documentary films, television and cinema advertising, and music videos. In addition, he is an author of technical literature and initiator of the Schleswig-Holstein Screenplay Prize.

He has done work for Toggolino, Rebuy, and the publishing house Ernst Klett, among others, and has created numerous cinema spots for delta radio. Among those for whom he has shot promotional films are Mercedes AMG, Konzerthaus Berlin, Vattenfall, Porsche, Helpling, the German Dairy Industry Association (MIV), the Initiative New Social Market Economy (INSM), and many others.

There is more information available on his web page.


Visual Artist & Filmmaker

Born in Flensburg and raised in the little village of Unewatt, he now calls Berlin home. Even before the boys of EasyDoesIt messed him up, FRDVR was directing various visually ambitious music videos in addition to his work as an editor. Wild.

Jacob Grünig


One thing is clear in all that he engages in, be it a lavish high-end spot or the forceful approach he takes when conducting an interview: Jacob loves people, and he loves telling (their) stories. Capitalizing on his many years of experience and collaboration with the most diverse range of clients and leading actors, he has expressively conceived, written, and realized a diverse range of films.

Films and concepts of a special kind come about especially when he and Lukas Eylandt are interacting as a director/camera duo. 

Lasse Holdhus

Comedy guaranteed.

Imbued as he is with the Scandinavian humor so characteristic of Norway, his country of origin, Lasse has a special feeling for comedy and timing. His forte is a fictional narrative style and feature film formats, but a skill once acquired is never lost, and we look forward to each and every amusing spot that he conjures up out of his bag of tricks. 

Linus Krebs

Director / Author / Lecturer

Linus Krebs not only shares a name with another wondrous aquatic animal but is also a film director and author and lives in Berlin. In addition to his successful children’s film Sniperman, he has directed various advertising spots for, among others, the city of Kiel (state capital of Schleswig-Holstein) and the savings bank Förde Sparkasse (produced by Kabuja). He also happens to be a marvel at the keyboard and writes terrific screenplays and narration scripts. 

Linus Krebs, trägt nicht nur ein weiteres wunderbares Wassertier in seinem Namen, sondern ist Regisseur & Autor und lebt in Berlin. Neben seinem erfolgreichen Kinderfilm Sniperman hat er Regie bei diversen Werbespots geführt z.B. für die Landeshauptstadt Kiel oder die Fördesparkasse (Produziert von Kabuja). Außerdem ist er ein Wunder an den Tasten und schreibt tolle Drehbücher und Sprechertexte.

Lukas Eylandt

Cinematographer und Creative Director

His core competency encompasses cinematography and image composition, with a special focus on cinematographic lighting. At a far remove from all that, at von Dorsch, he participates regularly at the concept development table, writes screenplays and, as happens time and again, ends up assuming the role of director in addition to his camera work. Among other things, he regularly produces videos for the Kiel Opera House, various music videos, and attention-grabbing spots for social media.

You can see more of his camerawork here

Mikula Seele

Creates some hot stuff

With the folks at VOMFILM, Mikula produces image promotion and advertising, music and web content, in collaboration with Peer Cipriani (camera).

He directs, creating some really hot stuff in the process.

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