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With your permission: von Dorsch!  

Visual delicacies. Media and film production. Studio. A place for creativity. A network with the right people for every project. Here, films, spots and campaigns are created. Advertisements. Feature films. Social media. Photographs. And much more.

We don’t simply think; we conceive in our own unique way. With feeling, with taste, and with a real kick, always with the question as to the meaning and purpose behind the thing.

Yes, and?

And you should definitely come by for a chat. Or we can come to you. Or give us a call. Workshops, guidance, this and that: you can find out more here.

And what else do you have to offer? Values. A whole lot of them. We welcome you to click on in.

Precisely because we, as three fat white men, have formed this company and thereby become part of the structural problem, we are greatly interested in diversely constituted teams and are attempting to change and break up structures. As a young production company, we regard it as our duty to produce films that will have a future, and we attempt as much as possible to work in a sustainable and environmentally conscientious manner.

In addition to a film production company, there is hidden behind "von Dorsch" a studio which closes a gap between Hamburg and Copenhagen.

As founders, we—Jacob Grünig, Jasper Grätsch and Lukas Eylandt—have resolved to develop northern Schleswig-Holstein over the long term as a film location and would like to plan and realize more projects there.

1 + 1 = <3

But first, a few words about the history of our company ...

In 2020 the three of us—Jacob Grünig, Jasper Grätsch, and Lukas Eylandt—made the decision as friends to develop northern Schleswig-Holstein over time as a film location. Three things have always been of particular importance to us in this undertaking:

  • Not becoming money-grubbing jerks

  • Preserving our friendships

  • Achieving self-realization and personal development through von Dorsch

Over the course of time we have worked our way through a multitude of processes, and in August 2022 Jasper Grätsch decided to leave the company, lest two of those three fundamental principles be compromised. The reason is easily explained: Jasper is a photographer, graphic designer, and concept developer. Von Dorsch is a production company with an emphasis on film. We have benefited from many of the resulting synergies. We’ve had our share of crises, too, and it is thanks to Jasper’s expertise that our brand is now positioned where it is and that we are able to keep it afloat in good conscience.

Because we have attached so much importance to respectful and transparent communication ever since our start-up days, this decision was made amicably, at the right time, and without acrimony—a result that not many manage to pull off. We are extremely proud of this now, as we look back upon our mad start-up phase and the emergence of a strong and bold company that, with its more distinct profile, now produces visual delicacies on a sustainable basis.

Lukas Eylandt will be the creative managing director and work with Jacob Grünig to ensure that von Dorsch continues to forge ahead.

One thing is certain: we neither are, nor intend to ever become, money-grubbing jerks.

Things will remain as they are. Want to learn more about that? Not sure what we mean? Or maybe you want to meet us? Feel free to stop by and grab yourself a coffee.

... or dial 0800-VONDORSCH.

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