Von Dorsch

Friends of art

Wir haben ein großes Herz für Kunst und Kultur. Hier ein Einblick in die verschiedensten Produktionen die wir in dem Bereich konzipiert und umgesetzt haben.


Für den Umbau des Kieler Schloss haben wir einen spannenden Film realisiert, der potentielle Spender:Innen zum Spenden aufrufen soll.

Theater Kiel

Kabale und Liebe

For the summer theater production of “Intrigue and Love” at the Kiel Opera House, we produced in cooperation with Kettcar a total of 14 music videos which, appearing on two large LED screens, constituted an important part of the stage set.

In addition to a shoot with a real snake in the vaults of the Kiel Opera House, there were elaborately choreographed dances, ostentatious limousines in an old warehouse, locations in the hotel Kieler Kaufmann and in the executive offices of Citi Park, and many other exciting locations. The result was a highly diverse, visually powerful series of videos.

Cinematographer/camera operator: Lukas Eylandt
Assistant: Brit Stichel, Thierry Jové Skoluda


Stage play

There is scarcely another literary work as closely associated with Northern German region as Theodor Storm’s famous novella. World-famous jazz pianist and ECHO Award winner Martin Tingvall composed the music for the stage version produced in the Kiel Opera House under the direction of Daniel Karasek. One critical part of the stage set was a 5 x 6 meter screen which was filled with video material produced by us.

Video conception and realization: Lukas Eylandt

Viva con Aqua Arts

Die SQRT Sessions mit dem Künstler Justus von Karger alias sirfruitloop und der Künstlerin Aileen Hagen mit dem Pseudonym linienlaerm ist eine interaktive Kunstshow welche in regelmäßigen Abständen auf dem Channel von Viva con Aqua Art via Twitch gestreamt wird. Um dieses Format zu bewerben, haben wir diesen verrückten Trailer produziert.



We produced live streams and an event film for the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival. The “Tea Time Concert” was realized in compliance with strict hygiene regulations as a hybrid event, i.e. both with a live audience present and as a live stream. Diverse ensembles filled the Thormannhalle in Rendsburg with a varied program ranging from film music to classical music.

Camera: Brit Stichel, Anita Jürgensen, Felix Martens, Ruben Wittich (Firebirds Productions)
Cinematographer: Lukas Eylandt
Sound: Jens Krabbenhöft
Live direction: Jasper Grätsch
Production manager: Jacob Grünig

Trecker, Trecker, Oberchecker

In addition, we accompanied and documented the music festival tractor, loaded with the “couchies,” on the tour to Elmshorn. You will find the result here.

Drone pilot: Fabian Frühling
Cinematographer/camera operator: Lukas Eylandt
Sound: Jasper Grätsch
Production manager: Jacob Grünig

Press conference without cookies and little bottles

When the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival asked us to stream the press conference, we thought to ourselves, “We can’t just stick three cameras in a conference room and broadcast that.” No, a little excitement must be injected into this project. Ultimately we found ourselves in a planned sequence with 12 takes in which we followed press spokesperson Laura Hamdorf with a mobile camera as she put festival-related questions to eight interviewees in 45 precisely planned and rehearsed minutes. The Kulturwerft Gollan provided a uniquely beautiful backdrop for this. This way to the press conference.

1st assistant camera: Eric Pos
2nd assistant camera: Anita Jürgensen
Cinematographer/camera operator: Lukas Eylandt
Sound: Stefan Schmahl
Sound assistants: Ronny Schmidt, Dominique Rueff
Set assistant: Thierry Jové Skoluda
Streaming Operator: Jasper Grätsch
Director & production manager: Jacob Grünig



For his performance of “Security,” which was presented in cooperation with Kampnagel, a former Hamburg factory turned international cultural center, Christopher Ramm was provided with logos, poster motifs, performance photos and trailers for his piece. Angels became security figures, real security men were photographed half naked, and strawberry milkshakes were slurped in the Hamburg subway. Delicious. This way to the result.

Cinematographer/camera operator: Lukas Eylandt
Graphic designer: Jasper Grätsch

Folk Baltica

The wonderful folk festival folkBALTICA consulted us in regard to a matter similar to that of the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival and wished to have its press conference digitalized. As the opening notes from the Mads Hansens Kapel ensemble echoed through the Robbe & Berking Heritage Centre’s art museum, we were once again reminded of what we had missed so much: music. The talk format leading into a concert, lovingly planned and realized by the directors of folkBALTICA, was broadcast by us from five angles between magnificent works of art. Take a look.

Camera: Thierry Jové Skoluda, Obinna Okoma, Jacob Grünig
Cinematographer/camera operator: Lukas Eylandt
Sound: Terje Grube
Live direction: Jasper Grätsch
Production manager: Jacob Grünig

Volksbad is life


When word came down in early 2020 that “all clubs and cultural centers must close,” there was consternation as worries about the future took hold among the Volksbad milieu. As big fans of the Volksbad (a performing arts venue in what was once a public baths building), we offered our help, shot a clip calling for donations, and realized our first live-streamed concerts together with the Volksbad’s own team. After Salamanda and One Million Steps streamed two successful shows, there was a growing desire on the part of the Volksbad to realize such events under its own direction. We happily made recommendations for equipment and discussed its use. This became a sure-fire success in no time, and the people from the Volksbad are now absolute streaming pros. That period gave rise also, for example, to our recurring work with the Volksbad sound engineer Terje Grube, who has consistently provided us with flawless sound for subsequent live-streamed events.

Cinematographer: Lukas Eylandt
Lighting: Sven Mikolajewic
Ton: Terje Grube, Sebastian Gimm
Live direction: Jasper Grätsch
Production manager: Jacob Grünig

In addition, the Volksbad is acquiring a new website, which we have created together with the Flensburg advertising agency visuellverstehen. Dorsch has provided the design, visuellverstehen the innovative programmatic realization on the brand-new system, Statamic. The thing is still being worked on, but you will be able to see it here soon. We know that this has nothing to do with film, but we felt like doing it anyway.

Programming: Jonas Siewertsen, Dorien Grönwald (visuell verstehen)
GUI designer: Jasper Grätsch

Flensburg remains stable

With the cooperative project “Flensburg Remains Stable” (German: “Flensburg Bleibt Stabil”) we have also carried out live experiments. In a stream that lasted 24 hours straight, every half hour to hour a new artist presented his or her free performances. That was “Flensburg Remains Stable 1.” In cooperation with the Homestory Flensburg initiative, a second production was shown on YouTube with a strong double concert by the Flensburg artist Sharmim and the Bremen-based musicians Yustus Malick and Jiyan.


In response to the contact restrictions imposed in the fall of 2020, an art experiment designed by us and NORDER147 was initiated. To address the question, “What would a concert look like if only one artist and one audience member were in the room?” a portion of the NORDER147 studio was curtained off with tarps to create an isolated art space. Eight artists and eight visitors enjoyed hand-made music after a long (lockdown-like) silence. Traditional, pop, rap, klezmer, experimental, jazz and country, all of the highest quality, captivated us in real time.

Cinematographer/camera operator: Lukas Eylandt
Sound: Jasper Grätsch
Assistant: Arthur Nierade

With the project still running, Lukas and Cindy from Kuenda Productions sat down together in the foyer of NORDER147 and concocted the plan from hell for 12HOCH3. 12 performances, 12 spaces, 12 hours in a vacant property in Flensburg, with the whole thing to be streamed live. The old railway post office in Flensburg was chosen as the vacant venue. One would think that there would somehow be a good internet connection in proximity to rail facilities and a post office. But in this case, old Federal Republic of Germany had a bitter surprise in store for us: There was absolutely nothing there. Fortunately, we had Jimi Braas on board, who—with 4G routers and a directional radio link to a neighbor and to the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences—was able to conjure up adequate bandwidth within those old walls. As the 12 streams were running and the artists went about their work, eerie quiet alternated with brief sound and noise clusters in the first-floor corridor. On the ground floor, The Pop Up Company, in the person of Emin Yilmaz, was providing all involved with food and drink. As the event’s organizer and artist’s support person, Dany Heck (NORDER147) and her jury had cast a fantastic diversity of artists. At midnight each space was applauded solely by the crew. With a sense of relief and fulfillment, the old railway post office building was vacated in no time. Our thanks to MAC IT and Chaostreff Flensburg for their technical support. Fonds Darstellende Künste provided the funding that made this project possible.

Event organizer/artists’ support: Dany Heck (NORDER 147)
Hygiene advisor: Katharina Aulbach
Catering/artists’ support: Emin Yilmaz (The Pop Up Company), Abdul Abd Alaziz Daher
Concept: Cindy Jaenicke (KUENDA Productions)
Camera equipment/concept: Lukas Eylandt
Assistant: Thierry Jové Skoluda
Streaming operators: Jimi Braas, Jasper Grätsch
Production manager: Jessica Landrock, Jacob Grünig

Photographs by Ben Lange follow.