Von Dorsch

Consulting & WORKSHOPS

Our objective is to create a level of communication which both we and our clients feel comfortable with from the outset. For that we need a good espresso, tea, or cappuccino and the aforesaid open, honest, and transparent interaction on an equal footing. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? We think so, too.

Either we will work together to determine which type of production would be the most effective and sensible for your purpose or you will receive guidance from us, depending on what you seek from us.

We are pleased to offer guidance that is far removed from classic film production. Reckon our input will do your endeavor good? Then simply give us a call and ask whether we would be willing to add our two cents’ worth. Pretty great, right?


Having had many years of experience with seminars, we are able to offer workshops and advanced training for adults and young people alike.

When it comes to branding and concept development in particular, it may make sense to approach guidance towards your goal by way of a workshop. In other words, you come to us or we come to you, chat, discuss, and develop a strategy or a topic together.

For young people, an experience of empowerment may arise through self-efficacy, and media skills or a technical foundation may be imparted to them. There are many possibilities. In any event, we are keenly interested in helping to shape the next generation of filmmakers and passing our knowledge on to them.