Von Dorsch

Technologie zentrum

There is space available in the Flensburg Technology Center. And that needs to change. What is needed is a cinema spot that will make young and innovative start-ups in and around Flensburg salivate over the premises there.

A diverse range of age groups and types of business as represented by the actors should be able to scatter in all directions whatever inhibitions have held people back from taking a closer look at the Technology Center.

In addition to providing advice and developing ideas, we prepared an equipment plan that was consistent with the client’s corporate color scheme and shot all five sets in our studio in a single day.

Concept & realization: von Dorsch
Cinematographer/camera operator: Lukas Eylandt
Director: Jacob Grünig
Production manager: Jasper Grätsch
Editor: Thays Wilkens
Color correction: Tobias Hölter
Assistant: Thierry Jové Skoluda

von Dorsch Video