Von Dorsch


With your hands on the device, you guide your camera intuitively, weightlessly and at the same time stably. With unique, natural perspective changes you create extraordinary pictures. Euromount and Mitchell ensure a universal interface to your equipment.

Ask for rental offers and have it delivered by courier throughout Germany.

If needed you can also rent the Nutron with an Operator.


  • compact transport shape 

  • fast equipment assembly and adjustment 

  • simple and quick change of perspectives 

  • free and stable tracking shots 

  • Smooth transition from low to high and vice versa 

  • hero shots, easier than ever 

  • vertical tracking shots at any time in any shape 

  • dynamic top shots up to 3.60m of height 

  • ergonomic relief, „weightless handheld camera“ 

  • compatibility with other systems (Fluid, Lambda, steadyCam and Gimbal) 

  • high flexibility, agility, speed and efficiency 

  • enhancement of creativity and improvisation 

Technical Specifications

  • maximum payload.: 20 kg / 44 lbs 

  • horizontal range.: 5 m / 16,5 ft 

  • vertical range: 3.6 m / 12 ft 

  • net weight: 33.5 kg / 74 lbs 

  • pack size: 2.1x0.5x0.35 m / 82x20x14 inch 

  • counter weight max.: 50 kg /110 libs 

  • calibration weight total: 40 kg / 88 libs 

  • tripod connection: Flat Base 

  • camera connection: Euro Mount 

  • tripod load min.: 300 kg / 660 libs 

Download the data sheet