Von Dorsch


What would happen if local transport suddenly ceased to exist?

For the local transport association NAH.SH and in cooperation with the Kiel-based agency boy | Strategie und Kommunikation, we put a human face to this dystopian idea and produced this spot:

Actors: Zacharias Preen, Tanju Bilir, Nely Daja, Jonie Wanjohi, Arno Sudermann, Jonas Renzing, Arne Prill and Godje Hansen

Director: Jacob Grünig

Cinematographer: Lukas Eylandt

Costume designer: Aline Hollstein

Makeup artist: Anna Jüngling

Production designer: Lena Tiffert

Production design assistant: Greta Wolf

Chief lighting technician: Francy Fabritz

Lighting technician: Edoardo Scussel

Assistant camera: Dylan Briese

Assistant director: Phoebe Jardin

Sound engineer: Thomas Keller

Set manager: Henning Braas

Hygiene advisor: Katharina Aulbach

Runner: Hannes Strelow

Assistant producer: Jule Gröning

Color correction/editing: Dylan Briese

Music/mix: Lenny Ramminger

Catering: Benedikt Bliese

Conception/realization: von Dorsch

This film was shot in Flensburg according to the criteria of the Green Shooting Card (Grüner Drehpass).

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