Von Dorsch


For Haus & Grund Schleswig-Holstein we developed and produced a series of four explanatory films on various legal topics which illustrate in precise terms the benefits of a membership.

The previous creation and design phase was crucial to the clarity of the spots, which were intended for LinkedIn and YouTube.

Production was CO2-neutral in compliance with the Green Shooting Card.

Director: Jacob Grünig

Cinematographer: Lukas Eylandt

Screenwriter: Linus Krebs

Production manager: Jule Gröning

Hair & makeup artist: Nona Arabuli

Sound: Terje Grube

Production designer: Lena Tiffert, von Dorsch

Actors: Matthis Schwormstede, Laila Lamoh

Assistant: Hannes Strelow

Graphic designer: Jasper Grätsch & Hannes Strelow

Editor & animator: Dylan Briese & Hannes Strelow

Conception/realization: von Dorsch

von Dorsch Video