Von Dorsch

Check my Next

There’s no telling what your next used car has been through. Three thirty-second spots illustrate a hidden history of wild parties, furtive romance and shady workshop secrets.

For the start-up CheckmyNext, we created three attention-grabbing spots to ensure that the launch of this new brand makes an impact in the used car world.

Conception/realization: von Dorsch
Director: Lasse Holdhus
Cinematographer: Lukas Eylandt
1st assistant camera: Maximilian Nierade
Lighting: Jasper Techel
Production manager: Jasper Grätsch
Makeup: Marie Nierade
Producers: Jasper Grätsch, Jacob Grünig, Lukas Eylandt
Sound: Sebastian Gimm (Sheba)
Color correction: Bertrand Glosset
Client: checkmynext.de

W&V’s “Creation of the Day” story can be read here.